Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

Ficlet: Mysterious Ways (His Dark Materials, Will/Lyra, PG)

Title: Mysterious Ways
Author: ionlylurkhere
Fandom: His Dark Materials
Pairing: Will/Lyra
Rating: PG
Summary: True love always finds a way. Post-Amber-Spyglass fixit.

Will wasn't sure at first. His mind had tricked him so many times in the past. But the more he looked, the more he was convinced: it really was Lyra, standing in front of him, physically present.

She looked so similar, yet so different: fully grown, now, but the smile was exactly the same.

They hugged, and their daemons danced for joy with one another.

Finally, they broke apart, and Will faced up to the question he wanted more than anything else not to ask. "But what about the Dust? What about the fate of all the universes?"

"Oh, we found a way to make world windows that don't leak Dust. This--" and she brandished a strangely shaped blade "--is the Even Subtler Knife." Rainbows danced where the light met the serrations.

"Oh, well that's OK, then."

"I love you, Will."

"I love you, Lyra Belacqua."

And then they done sex. Just for fun, rather than to save the multiverse, but it was still very very good.
Tags: fic, sarcasm

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