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I don't care that you don't care what I think of Secret Invasion

Well, yes, that was both fun and interesting in its implications. I particularly liked that bit where the Secret New Avengers stole the Quinjet. And the SHIELD Helicarrier tipping over, even if there didn't seem to be any exploration of "shit! we're over a populated area!" (Nick Fury would have been going down to the reactors personally to set the self-destruct off with his cigar butt, and you know it). I was a bit annoyed at the very deliberate "Look! Tony isn't a Skrull!" stuff. But they've been saying that extra-textually all along so I suppose having canonical proof is a good thing so the characters can get on the same page; it was just a bit too obvious that was what was going on. Nice to see SWORD, just on principle that it's nice to have anything from the Whedon stuff acknowledged. I'm quite pissed off that Dum Dum turned out to be a Skrull, even though obviously the real Dum Dum's still out there somewhere. The big ship full of people in old school costumes who look like they've just escaped from the Skrulls is interesting, but I'm 90% sure they're Skrull plants. (Mainly because Phoenix is there. An "it wasn't that not-Jean or that other not-Jean, but this not-Jean" retcon would be far too much. Unless I'm getting the era they're supposed to be from wrong and it's a non-Jean Phoenix [Rachel?] in the first place, which might make sense given that I think that's Emma on the far left ... [this parenthesis makes no sense; I don't care])

I don't know what to make of the revelations in the backmatter that Bendis seems to have come up with this stuff by himself and just done it for a while before he told anyone. On one level, I like the idea that they've got a fluid sort of creative environment, but on another it suggests a lack of any real direction coming from anyone else (including, y'know, the EiC) and, well, I don't think I like Bendis that much so I'd rather he wasn't running the Marvel U by default. My particular objection to him is that he seems to think that the way to deal with the existence of Doctor Strange when said existence would get in the way of whatever Big Event Bendis wants to do is to have him be ineffective and then whine about having failed. Which the New Avengers annual basically did in advance this time. Meh, I say, meh. Quesada's bit descending into "these are the trades you need to buy to understand this" annoyed me, too, because it just made me wonder whether the entire plotline has been cooked up to sell the back catalogue. And I would rather think it was about the fun storytelling.

The ending I want but won't get is a reverse Martian Chronicles one, where the Skrulls' having had to assimilate human DNA (or whatever Reed was about to tell us before Skrull!Hank{*} shot him) and fit into human society for so long, combined with whatever their big religious thing is, means that by the end not only can no one tell the difference between the humans and the Skrulls, but it won't actually matter. It's all a state of mind, and they're as human now as we are, blah blah blah.

Ah, never mind. I'm sure the big explosion we'll get instead'll be pretty.

ETA {*} From now on, I will not be able to read the word "futurist" without hearing "Skrull dupe".
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