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The spoilers I read after the BBC3 airing pretty much nailed the ep, which is actually slightly surprising, but I'm still going to wibble a bit at you.

Jack's flashback: Evil-Victorian-lesbian Torchwood didn't do it for me as much as I'd hoped. (I could go on at length about the trivialisation of torture because of Jack's healing abilities being part of the general problem with the production team's attitude to such issues but let's face it, I'm just pissed off about the next bit.) Though actual explicit mentions of the Doctor on TW FTW. And the return of the blowfish alien was fun. I bet he ended up in an opium den.

The concurrent-with-the-TVM bit, OTOH, had me all sadfsafdkjas;dflkjadsfkj because OMG Jack's former boss totally had a third chameleon arch device there and was getting visions from it the same way Tim did in HN. WHOSE IS IT? I am voting for Brax on principle, and have decided that that fic of biichan's set after the end of the Gallifrey audios is canon.

Tosh's flashback: You know what? It's OK, because no fucking way in any of the seven hells was that UNIT. If it wasn't a complicated set up by Jack (yes, sometimes my meta is fic and sometimes my fic is meta, so sue me) it was ISIS or C19 or any one of a number of dodgy organisations. Because that's not UNIT, at least not if Rusty's telling the truth about not trashing them. "Your rights as a citizen have been suspended", cells with absolutely no facilities, the complete absence of due process, and torture (Tosh's face was not that bruised at the end of the scene before) is a completely different order of business than semi-conscripting Liz, slapping D-notices on Sarah and forcibly evacuating comedy Welshmen. And note that all those things the Brig did needed authorisation from all sorts of people.

Now if only I actually believed that. Seems to me the production team think they're being edgy and reflecting the "current climate". Fuck that for a game of soldiers. My Martha-return squee is at risk of being harshed here.

Ianto's flashback: That was great fun, and does seem to remove a lot of the power imbalance problems with Jack/Ianto. And Myfanwy! Some of the CG was a bit ropy, but Myfanwy! She has a backstory that involves Ianto using her to seduce Jack into letting him in! And Jack doing his "oh, you're lost in time just like me" thing with her, which always entertains me.

(And I love the fact that the reason Ianto dresses the way he does is that that was the outfit that worked on Jack, yes.)

Owen's flashback: Oh, dammit. Don't make me like Owen now. Really, don't. Thing is, those sort of mental degeneration and the impact on the loved ones things always, always get to me for a number of reasons. So that totally worked on me. Massive chunks of convenience plotting (oh yeah, it released a toxic gas that killed all of them but dispersed immediately and never reached you in the corridor [don't operating theatres work on that positive pressure thing to keep stuff out? so anything from inside ought to get blown out easily, and those doors weren't airtight], of course), but who cares, really (apart from my inner science pedant)? They only had eight minutes or whatever.

The ending: So John's motivation is entirely about the rejection? That's a pity. I worry a bit about how the portrayal of that next week will tie into the thing from the first ep where it looked like Jack was downplaying their relationship and all the heteronormative wife gags and the business where Jack seems to take the women seriously and see the men as a bit of fun (which the Ianto flashback has fixed a bit) and ... yeah, I'm just going a bit incoherent here.

Speaking of next week, am I reading the schedules right that the first airing of ep 13 is 8pm on BBC2 next Friday? Pre-watershed is interesting. The amount of destruction in the trailer makes me think we might be getting a reset button, but the end of S1 killed off a whole swathe of Cardiff's population without being reset, so I don't know.

Also, is anyone watching Dirty Sexy Money? I really can't work out what to make of it. It feels like a Frasier-like farce, with misunderstanding piling up on misunderstanding until you have situations that make complete sense in terms of what's gone before but are also intrinsically hilarious, except that it keeps seeming to want to take itself quite seriously and I end up alternating between laughing uproariously and feeling all uncomfortable. It also reminds me a lot of the bestest book ever What A Carve Up by Jonathan Coe, with the exploration of a rich family that embodies all the various ills of society (present-day America in DSM's case, Thatcherite Britain in What A Carve Up) through an outsider figure who becomes embroiled in their affairs.

And is the definitive word on the FNP Tennant-meet-your-smutfic thing that they'd cobbled together their own parody? I can see why they would but it's a pity if so.

Still haven't seen Ashes to Ashes. Am downloading the iPlayer client now so I can download the whole thing and then watch it non-jerkily.
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