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I have massive squee for this, but it's entirely for the last page which reveals that (presumably shortly before his crash landing on Earth) Abin Sur was back on Ysmault beating up the Empire of Tears demons for information about the prophecies, information which will presumably be forthcoming next ish. And I cannot wait.

But the rest of this issue is yet another retelling of Hal Jordan's backstory (Dad was a pilot who crashlanded and died, Carol's dad owned the plane, Mum didn't like his interest in air travel, he ran away to the air force but deliberately got himself dismissed when his mum was dying, but he was too late to see her, etc. etc.). There are a couple of new wrinkles (a fun little Hal vs John Stewart fight when they're both still in the military, and I think maybe some of the stuff with the brothers is new) but it's not hugely exciting because we do basically know all this stuff. Not very secret as secret origins go. Thinking about it, I'm shocked we haven't had hundreds of GL movies by now, because let's face it -- it's all about daddy, and we know how much Hollywood loves that.

The version of the backstory collected in the "No Fear" trade with the entertaining Hal/Kyle subtext was much better, all in all.

I have decided to jump on board new-Blue-Beetle now, having loved him in Infinite Crisis, Booster Gold and his Sinestro Corps War tie-in. I've bought the first two trades as well, and seeing that they each covered six issues thought that this was probably the right place to jump on the ongoing. As it turns out, I was wrong -- this is actually the last part of a big plotline -- but I was also right, because despite having never really met the supporting cast before I loved them to bits in their little parts in the middle of it ("Our boy? No. But our young man is almost as tough as his mother", or whatever it was -- I melted). Also there was Guy Gardner and Booster, and Fire and Ice (DC don't have a hero called The Storm In The Heart Of The Sun, but the Doctor isn't much like the other two). I am very much looking forward to the trades now, even if I have spoiled myself massively for them.

Very pretty, some nice dialogue, lovely use of panel shapes and so on, and I like that we have a Skrull with the powers of an indeterminate "classic X-Men team", but I'm starting to get a little bored of this. Luckily it looks like things are about to kick off big time. Looking at the covers of the comics I don't buy, it looks like everyone called "Marvel" is a Skrull. Is this some sort of message about the company itself?

I am behind on telly. I am just about to watch Fragments on BBC2, so I shall shortly have slightly more informed opinions about all that controversy, and I think I'm going to have to go to the iPlayer for the last A2A (which would be fine if my broadband was the advertised 8 meg rather than barely-faster-than-dialup). Not that you're not all wonderful at spoiler-cutting (you are, I've been very impressed because I'm fairly rubbish when there are big finale things going on) but I will hunt you down and kill you if you tell me things about 1x8.
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