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Lurky McLurklurk

*carefully doesn't use icon that might clue you in to any of the spoilers*

So I have no willpower and read the:


(Apparently. Someone on TWOP says they've seen the finale. But people on TWOP say all sorts of things like "OMG Jacob, you're so insightful and not at all a complete pretentious wanker who pretends not to have seen it illegally on the internet at 'British pace' despite the fact you clearly have".)

Owen dies sustains irrecoverable damage to his zombie-self too, the spoilers say, but I'm afraid personally I still really don't care about him. But, dammit, Tosh is my favourite of them by far and always has been even if it was entirely projection and I can already feel my inner batshit fan composing rants about how they only killed her 'cos they didn't know what to do with her, and such like. (And the bit of me that still ships Martha/Tosh really doesn't want to have to handwave death as well as near-zero canon interaction.)

In other news, though I don't know the source of it, Mickey and Martha are supposedly both joining TW in S3. I am tempted to say that they're losing confidence in their ability to do anything decent and riding the coat-tails of the parent show and so on and so forth but let's face it, it'd be enormous, enormous fun (though it worries me a bit that this means the DW finale isn't going to end with the Doomsday status quo restored, which I've sort of been assuming it will be, and also that I might be in for a double ship-sinking with Mickey/Jake going the way of the Titanic).
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