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Ten n Marfa spinoffery, not that I'm obsessed or anything

Cuts hide spoilers.

I downloaded #2 off the interwebz, omgpiracy, but I will buy it when I can. Between sinister black cats and Egyptian-god aliens, this is like the bastard '70s-set offspring of Survival and Pyramids of Mars. (Actually, that's a point; for a continuity pornographer like Russell, creating a big back story about aliens being the Egyptian gods while ignoring the Osirians seems a bit odd.) It features Martha being turned to sand (which provides the cover, though weirdly her outfit on the cover has been tweaked such that sand-Martha has a highly prominent nipple -- Y HALO THAR LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR) which prompts the Doctor into a full-on Idiot's Lantern style if-you've-harmed-her-no-power-on-this-Earth-etc. rant at the people who did it, which ... well, I still don't like that aspect of Ten's characterisation, but it's nice to get confirmation that it applies to Martha too.

The story is self-contained to a point, but leads into something bigger that looks quite interesting, and also looks like it's going to be keeping up the mid-'80s-DWM anything-can-happen-and-usually-does feel, which pleases me. I've seen people (can't remember where, maybe the OG) complain that it's not Srs Bsns enough for the American market, or some such, but screw that, it's cracky lols and way better than I expected from Russell (I wonder a bit how much input RTD had). Oh, and there's more dressing up shenanigans this time as well, with Martha having a whole page of '70s outfits followed by Ten dressed as Three.

Revenge of the Judoooooon is the second Uncle Terry Ten 'n' Martha Quick Read, after Made of Steel (which fabulously came out before Martha appeared on the telly). It's actually quite a clever use of the Judoon's bureaucratic legalism, with them having been tricked by the real bad guys into thinking they're acting legally, and acts as a prequel to Smith and Jones by explaining why they have to do the whole abduct-the-hospital-to-the-Moon thing in that ep. The "revenge" aspect is very pastede on yay, but let's face it, "Revenge" is one of the standard returning-monster titles. The real bad guys' plan is a very Uncle Terry affair, superpowerful aliens manipulating humans for what seems like the hell of it, really.

Uncle Terry has done a damned good job of capturing the new series feel, though. This is chocker with famous people -- Conan Doyle, Edward VII, and Baden-Powell all make appearances -- and places, mainly Balmoral. It's got the flaws of the new series too -- lots of the sort of convenience plotting that gets the episodes over with in 42 minutes is in evidence to get everything sorted in 100 pages, with the TARDIS and the sonic between them sorting pretty much everything out.

My favourite thing in the book is Guard Captain Harry Carruthers who clearly fancies Martha like mad, and also the very end, where the Doctor and Martha head off on a working holiday around early-20th-century world capitals to defuse the technobabble devices left by the bad guys, and Martha is very happy about it but hides her smile from the Doctor, which is yay.

I do have a bit of a whine, which is that it's not been proof-read well enough. Something that's deliberately designed for people with poor literacy skills shouldn't be tripping them up with things like "Profressor" or "gin place" for "gin palace".

Incidentally, I love love love that we've had such a huge amount of Ten and Martha spinoffery, it makes it feel like they're a proper TARDIS team that lasted a long time and we missed out a whole bunch of stuff between "42" and "Utopia" where they were getting on with being awesome together. Makes me feel a lot better about the fact that between those eps on the telly all we got was long-stays-in-the-past.
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