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Lurky McLurklurk

10 Things I Love Starting With The Letter J

A meme, the idea being that I list my ten things for my letter, and you ask for a letter in the comments, if you want. (Except you'll probably have to wait a while as I'm off to bed and busy tomorrow.)

cedara gave me a J.

  1. Jones, Martha (outrageous cheating, but I don't care)
  2. Julian Bashir, and his oh-so-slashy relationships with both Garak and O'Brien
  3. Jo Grant. She is actually my least favourite Who companion, but I still love her, because (like the Doctor) I love them all.
  4. Jam Strawberry or raspberry, depending on mood. On a fresh croissant that's warm but still soft. Yes.
  5. Judoon For being cracky as all hell, for being in Martha's intro story, and also for the Terrance Dicks Quick Read of them (which I still haven't finished), which gives us yet another historical character hopelessly smitten with Martha (there's this whole bit where he's checking out her arse but it's entirely in the subtext, it's great)
  6. Jail in Monopoly. Once you've got your empire going it's the safest place to be. (No one will play Monopoly with me any more because I am a really evil git when I get into a game.)
  7. Justice, the Red Dwarf episode. Saw it on Dave the other day for the first time in ages and it still holds up.
  8. Jalopies They were these kids' books that were a bit like Mr Men with cars instead of people. Probably no one remembers them. Possibly they are some sort of weird false memory I have.
  9. Jupiter for clearing out all those comets, for us, and not migrating close to the Sun like all the gas giants in other solar systems seem to; very considerate of it, really
  10. James May for being the sensible one on Top Gear.

In other news: just caught up on A2A 2x5. Is it bad that I am now shipping Alex/Shaz based on all two of their scenes together in that ep?
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