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Self-pimpage meme

From morgeil, most recently:

Fannish friends! Languishing in your archive are posts of great justice loveliness - meta, fic, icons, random babblings that you suspect may have been written by the LJ fairy while you were sleeping. Some of your current flist may never have seen them. Some might be horribly embarrassing to you now. But don't be shy. Share 5 posts (or whatever random number you fancy) from the back catalogue of your LJ.

None of these are that old, to be honest, but here we go (I've excluded fic on the grounds you can always go and look at my page on the Teaspoon and that at some point in the indeterminate future I'm planning to do a whole fic retrospective thing where I tell you which ones I still like):

  1. A Twenty Things meme I did very early in my LJ life that's very random but contains various not-just-fandom things that are Very True, and a bunch of stuff that was true at the time but isn't any more. Most especially in that latter category, #16. #16 is COMPLETELY UNTRUE NOW. I have been thoroughly deprogrammed from my overexposure to boy fandom, yus.
  2. Self-important meta examining the whole "the companion is the Doctor's girlfriend" idea in old school canon.
  3. *cheats to get three in one* Before my DVD drive packed in and stopped me doing Survi-lol, I was picspamming the Seven stories available on DVD. It started with Remembrance after the S3 Dalek two parter, then I did Fenric and Ghost Light in kitteh-speak (after which I felt very briefly ever-so-slightly Who-fandom-parts-of-the-Internets-famous, a feeling I thoroughly expect never to have again). Don't click on those links if you're on a slow connection, k?
  4. Why I hated the very ending of Life on Mars. I still do on an emotional level, though the clever people in the comments of that post make good points that helped me recognise other views were valid. ;) I am watching A2A entirely in the hope that it fixes this, tbh.
  5. Utopia as reconstructed from spoilers, a slightly bitchy pisstake of fandom's Jack obsession that probably wasn't that funny at the time and almost certainly isn't any more to anyone except me.

Tags: memery

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