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Comics: better than Torchwood

Oh good, things I can squee about.

Buffy S8 #12

(Is it just me or is this the most press a comic's had since Steve Rogers died?)

Lots of lovely shippy stuff in this issue, both on Buffy/Satsu and Xander/Renee. The page of Buffy and Satsu waking up that everyone's looking at is not the interesting one, it's the double page spread a little later which is full of cute flaily Buffy-babble and also a fairly healthy display of emotional maturity on both sides, so yay. I think the "not gay now" thing is possibly a little bit thin because that's certainly some fairly gay sex you were having there, hon (OTOH, one swallow doesn't make a summer and she can experiment if she wants, and on the third hand it'll probably keep fandom from completely flipping out [given that there are still "Willow's gay"/"Willow's bi" arguments out there]), but overall I am very pleased because I have been shipping these two since "Cinnamon?" -- I am a sucker for crushes, yes I am -- and so I am squeeful on Satsu's behalf. ONTD can STFU.

The shocked reactions of the core Scoobies to discovering them pissed me off a little on first reading, though on reflection they all make sense. Xander's assumption that it's all a dream fits; Dawn's reaction I can handwave as being to do with in-your-face familial sexuality of any flavour rather than specifically the lesbian aspect; and Willow's apparent jealousy I can handle, though I could do without being told that S4-7 was secretly full of unrequited Willow/Buffy, which is where I fear that might be headed.

The problem is that Buffy is as cursed as Tosh, so Buffy/Anyone tends to End Badly. My current fear is that Satsu is going to find herself becoming the leader of the Japanese vampire gang after being turned and becoming the uber vampire!slayer some parts of fandom have been wanting to see since forever. DO NOT WANT.

Apart from their potential ending up turning Satsu, though, the Japanese vampire gang are promising; the idea that they're going to play around with the disconnect between different cultural traditions of vampirism pleases me and the way they've tied it into Dracula with the turning-to-fog thing and then used that to have some fun with Xander is great. (But unfortunate for those who have been using one or another complicated probably-Dawn-and-monks-related excuse to write off 5x1 as not really real all these years.)

Blah blah blah, I wish I had a scanner, blah blah blah, but as second best I will quote the lovely Goddard-y dialogue from my favourite bits for each ship:

[Xander has joined Renee on sentry duty]
RENEE: You know, there are better ways to do this.
XANDER: Do what?
RENEE: Spend time with me. I mean, off the top of my head, you could, you know ... take me out.
XANDER: You want me to assassinate you?
RENEE: No, on a date.
XANDER: Oh. ... Renee, would you like to go out with me?
RENEE: I'd love to.
XANDER: Okay then.
RENEE: But first, we should probably deal with our wolf problem.
XANDER: I know. I'm not even sure who we alert. A zoo? Do they have zoos in Scotland?
RENEE: Nope. Scotland's a primitive society. Their men hunt with clubs and their women wear corsets to bed.
XANDER: I don't want to go out with you anymore.

[Buffy and Satsu's 'What next?' conversation]
SATSU: I know you didn't just ... turn gay all of a sudden ...
BUFFY: Right. Wait ... How did you know that? Did I do something wrong? Because I'm flying blind here. It's not like they make instruction manuals for these sorts of things.
SATSU: Actually, they do.
BUFFY: Okay, but I haven't read them. I didn't get a lot of prep time here and I think that should be taken into consideration before final grades are given.
SATSU: Trust me. You didn't do anything wrong.
BUFFY: But I didn't do enough things! You did more things than me!
SATSU: And you let me. You were amazing.
BUFFY: I can live with amazing. What was your question again?

("And you let me" is my favourite favourite bit of all, yes.)

Drew Goddard FTW. That is all.

Green Lantern #28

(Before we start properly: OMG Katma Tui Katma Tui Katma Tui. She was in a flashback panel of the Corps. At least I think it was her. It was a Korugarian woman and she didn't have Soranik's black face tattoo whatsits. Hence the icon of ♥ even though she does look grumpy in it. No Rot Lop Fan though. :( )

OK, so this was quite interesting, and tied the Alpha Lantern thing (which I still think is too stupid even for the Guardians and is very clearly going to rebound badly on them, and which I only noticed this ish are credited to Grant Morrison, which I find ... interesting) into the developing Rainbow Lanterns thing, which I am much keener on. Having been stripped of her GL ring by Boodikka (who then goes more-than-necessary force on her in what I hope is a sign of the Badness To Come -- certainly taken together with the latest GLC the Alpha Lanterns look more unstable than one would wish), Laira becomes the first hate-filled Red Lantern (at least that we see), and the demons of Ysmault are apparently the Red Guardian-equivalents. Which is interesting, as I didn't see them taking such an active role in things.

I do think things are maybe going too fast on the Rainbow Lantern front, though. As well as Red Lantern, there's a cutaway here to set up the Controllers to become the Orange Guardians (I can't take the Orange Lanterns seriously, unfortunately -- greed isn't exactly as primal as hate or fear, to me; what's the Parallax/Ion equivalent going to be, a space pig or something?), which only leaves the Indigo Light of Compassion unaccounted for since the Zamarons and Star Sapphires have been identified with Violet/Love. On one level we need all seven corps up and running so we can do the Blackest Night/Rainbows-combine-to-make-white-which-defeats-the-Death-Lanterns thing in the big 2009 Event (I didn't work that out -- I read someone clever in Ragnell's comments back at the end of SCW, and it does seem like the obvious direction it's going in). But on another level I think maybe we should stick to one at a time.

What I love though, more than anything, is Sinestro as the voice that pours honeyed poison in everyone's ears. He's in a Death Row sciencell yet in many ways at his most dangerous ever, and looks frighteningly like he might be right. The Second New Law is not a good direction, but at least it's signposted as such rather than them being all gung ho about it.
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