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mostly Who spam

  1. Lawrence Miles analyses Torchwood, quite accurately really, though with plenty of gratuitous abuse of the Moff and Gary Russell (who I would say deserves it if I was just slightly meaner than I am) and a horrendously sexist attitude towards Helen Raynor. [He tends to delete these things after a bit, though not so often from the -lm2 blog, so get it while it's hot.]
  2. Mah Ten/Martha squee has suddenly come rushing back, thanks to pinch hitting for the 1969 ficathon. They are truly <3 and I shall just ignore any inconvenient bits of canon.
  3. Newtons Sleep is the seventh standalone Faction Paradox book and the first from new FP publisher Random Static. This book is fantastically excellent on bazillions of levels. It does mindbending non-linear plotting that all works beautifully in the end, has gratuitous DWM comics references, brilliantly mirrors the big complicated plot in the lives of the human characters with a big "as above, so below" theme, has loads of brilliant stuff about how science-as-a-process grew out of alchemy and secret societies and stuff in the 17th Century, and it has quite a lot of hot sex in it that never feels gratuitous (Aphra Behn, who I'd never heard of before but is a real historical figure, features prominently, and is refreshingly sex-positive). It's probably not a bad place to start with the Faction -- everything makes sense on the level that the characters understand it, but if you get the background you understand the significance of the events more -- though The Book of the War is probably still the best jumping on point. In summary: buy this book.
  4. The first issue of the IDW comic pleased me, actually. I was rather apprehensive it was going to be Gary Russell at his worst, and the first page with its simultaneous gratuitous canon and whitewashing of the Timeys was not promising, but it quickly got better. Ten and Martha were written well (though I always find Ten-on-the-page a bit annoying, the motormouth thing is accurate but without Tennant's portrayal behind it much more irritating) and the art works better sequentially than the pre-released individual images do because of the sense of motion and so on. It's also fantastically daft in exactly the way that Doctor Who comics should be, so that bodes well, and it doesn't seem to be being written in that tedious decompressed one-trade-paperback-long-arc-per-incident style that's infested comics lately. (Not that that's not good when done really well, but I like a bit more zip generally.)
  5. Speaking of comics, I now has a Cable and Deadpool #50 and am Very Sad that it is over after I only discovered it very recently (the one good thing to come out of being a completist about Civil War was discovering how hilarious it is). But that does mean I've got all the old trades to go back through.
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