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Sort of liveblogging Torchwood 2x8

Say what now? They actually flashbacked to the rape-spray? Just as they were starting to rehabilitate him ... *headdesk*

Oh, Joe Lidster! Yay! I am looking forward to good Martha (as he's the one what wrote her MySpace).

Owen is the new coffee boy, hee! And OMG did we just get to see Ianto Really Caring about it? Hallelujah.

"No stiffening anywhere?" Martha pwns, generally, but Owen most of all.

OK, at ten minutes in I'm finally sold, Burn Gorman really can act.

I like standing on the rooftops girl, though, er, yeah, rooftops AGAIN. I'm going to give 'em the benefit of the doubt and say it's a deliberate subversion of their cliche.

Jack is clearly hiding his concerns behind his "rules and regulations", given his general disregard for them normally.

"I'm already chilled" ... and suddenly I realise that somewhere out there there already exists fic that goes in for all that "cold dead seed" stuff. (NB: I do not need to be shown an existence proof.)

OK, my brain is now insisting on calling Rooftop Girl the Bloody Bride.

All this silly Owen/Tosh scene is doing is making me realise that in two and a half episodes the sum total of all the Martha/Tosh-iness we've had is "She's beautiful" in "Reset", and that was to try and wind up Owen. Meh.

OK, that does it, this not-drowning-in-the-water, no-body-heat-to-be-detected bit ... they're just using zombie Owen to recapitulate everything Whedon and co. ever did about the vampire physiology stuff. (Over at the Faction Paradox board, everyone refers to DW as "Evil Renegade" out of a big joke about licensing issues and Cwej's brainwashing in the Benny NAs, and TW is "Angel Derivee" by anagrammatic analogy. It's very appropriate.)

This flashback structure is starting to annoy me.

Argh. I think Freema just sold me on Martha/Owen for a moment there (the "Take care"). NOES.

That's really fairly evil, pretending to the bouncer that his wife's been in an accident. I mean, it's not let's "unleash the Weevils on you" evil, but I'm getting a bit fed up of Torchwood's oh-so-hip amorality.

It annoys me that Torchwood's Look Kids, This Bit's DRAMATIC music (which has been going on for about five minutes as I type this sentence) simultaneously completely works on my subconscious -- I am sat here feeling like a coiled spring with all the tension it has generated -- and irritates the shit out of me on the conscious level.

The Chief Caretaker! I didn't know he was going to be in this! (Why isn't Paradise Towers on DVD yet, huh? That was all about people living beyond death too, heh.)

Richard Briers likes Tosh, good for Richard Briers.

I would have been more amused if Owen was as useless with Tosh's blue lights machine as he was with Ianto's coffee.

"Angel Zombie!Owen can't do the kiss of life", CHECK! (Except for that time when Angel did, or something that everyone was still bibbling about on atbvs years afterwards, I forget.)

Prediction: Kroagnon's alien widget's going to bring Owen back to life?

Yes. Yes, it would appear so.

That slightly creeped out look on Martha's face when Owen pecked her on the cheek, much better.

Oh, and very suddenly we've transitioned over to Martha's departure so it's all about her hugging and kissing everyone, Jack on the lips and everything, but unless I was too busy typing instead of watching at the relevant moment, Tosh wasn't even there! ZOMG. It's not so much a sunken ship as one that never ever sailed in the first place. (Ooh, unless, this is all Owen's POV because of the flashback structure, and he elided that out of his extreme jealousy. Yay for batshit theorising!)

Next time: oh, that's annoying. See, ages ago I read this spoiler about Gwen's pregnant wedding which said that Martha was involved, and when Martha left without this horrendous plot development having come to pass I thought we were safe. But actually it was just that there's no Martha in there, all the rest of the spoiler was true. *headdesk* again.


I don't think I'm going to stick around for Freema-fronts-the-freak-show.
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