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Y'know, having worried for quite a while about the idea that the new series is setting things up such that the measure of a companion is how much the Doctor loves them, I seem to have managed to completely miss until just now that a certain subset of fandom seems to be doing it the other way round, and judging the companions by how much they love the Doctor.

  1. Gallifrey is where my "it's ALL true" approach to canon kicks in in spades. To the point that I consider the Book of the War and Auld Mortality and The Infinity Doctors to be just as authoritative as Deadly Assassin and Arc of Infinity and Trial. The bits that contradict each other are even truer than the rest. The antics of weakly godlike beings who are possibly indistinguishable from the structure of our history shouldn't make sense to our little evolved-for-basic-hunter-gathering brains. Looms, crossed computers, Time Tots, we'd see it's all the same if only we could understand it properly.
  2. Even before it got blowed up, Gallifrey existed outside normal space-time ... (And because of this, there is no effective difference whatsover between "blown up" and "unhappened".)
  3. ... but back before that when it was just an ordinary planet, it was near the centre of the Milky Way ...
  4. ... and all those "ten million years" references are out by a factor of a thousand -- it's really ten billion. ('Cos for some reason I want it to fit with the observed age of the universe, despite that whole "existing outside normal space-time" thing.)
  5. Rassilon was a complete bastard and a raging egotist -- all those "X of Rassilon" names didn't start after he died, he insisted on them.
  6. Rassilon/Omega Original Timeslash Pairing. Rassilon/Omega/Other OT3.
  7. The Other is Thirteen, or Whichever Number Comes Last if you think the Doctor's going to get out of the limit. (I have thought that the whole thing is a massive stable time loop ever since the Remembrance novelisation, but I think it works even better now as a thing where he wants Gallifrey back and possibly doesn't even realise he's creating it in the first place.)
  8. (How The Last Great Time War Ended seems to come up every time I do a Who meme, but here we go again. Fitz's jacket, yaddah yaddah yaddah.) It was Eight that did the deed at the end of the Time War, shortly before regenerating into Nine. He and Romana had been trying to manipulate each other into it because they knew it was necessary but didn't want to be the one to push the button, and she won, though he blames her a bit now because of it. (And Eight's actually blown up Gallifrey on three separate occasions, we just haven't heard about the third one yet.)
  9. The fact that we've seen lots of Evil from the Dawn of Time lately isn't lazy writing, it's the fact that without Gallifrey there the changes to the laws of physics that kept them from being in the continuum are slowly unravelling.
  10. Compassion's still out there somewhere, she's just lying low. (Really, I want her to be fobwatched as Donna, but I have realism.)

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