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Lurky McLurklurk

Torchwood 2x7

Oh. Dear. Everyone seems to like this one but I seem to have nothing but objections.

  1. I'm not surprised that Owen isn't staying dead, but I am disappointed. Partly because, sorry, I still hate him (and even if he's requiting at her slightly he's still being an arse to Tosh and she's being a complete doormat about it), but mainly because Torchwood needs an Adric Moment or we're never going to believe being a Rubbish Alien Investigator is all that dangerous.
  2. I really don't want Matt Jones let anywhere near the Whoniverse again, I'm afraid. He apparently has one idea (member of the team is possessed by mythological figures that use untranslatable languages -- which isn't anywhere near as creepy when your translator is just a widget rather than the established-as-a-huge-plot-point knows-every-language-ever TARDIS) and it is an idea that, each and every time it's used, dumps vast amount of supernatural baggage into what's supposedly a rationalist universe just for a one-off baddie. I am not wholly against having the genuinely supernatural in the Whoniverse but it needs to be handled very well indeed. Some of the books, particularly in the latter part of the EDAs, do it wonderfully; Matt Jones has not lived up to them. (I am in massive denial about the end of Torchwood S1, btw.)
  3. And now, a theory which jumps through many hoops to preserve my personal preferences: the Risen Mittens are in fact entirely technological. They're designed to provide energy to keep the brain going, from whatever source they can. This could be other people, as with Suzie and Gwen, or some other thing -- because Owen was woken up in the Hub, I'm guessing it latched on to some weirdy bit of alien tech or something (or maybe Myfanwy is suddenly feeling a lot older). The Weevils are people who've been resurrected by the mitten and it's taken the energy from their own bodies, mutating them into that shape by the now-traditional "DNA" handwaving. There is no afterlife, which is why people don't remember anything -- there's nothing to remember, they've just gone from being conscious to being conscious again. The Risen Mitten's resurrection process needs to make a copy of the person's brain patterns to do its stuff, and the "Grim Reaper" thing is actually just the gestalt entity inside the Mitten created from these brain patterns, which is pissed off at being denied the opportunity to live even though its components' counterparts in the real world are getting a second go, or something. IDK. It's entirely technological, is my main point. The thirteen thing is just a legend that arose from the whole numerology thing and the fact that it was twelve victims before it got stopped the last time.
  4. Almost all of it reminded me of other things, which isn't a great sign before the other issues. Apart from The Impossible Satan Pit stuff, there was a lot of Buffy in there (all that S6 Willow-raising-the-dead stuff, obviously, but large chunks of the ending in the hospital are straight out of Killed By Death just without the exclusive focus on kiddies), Owen-in-the-void made me want Tegan-under-the-tree from Kinda (wouldn't it have been great if we'd had some examination of Owen's psyche, rather than just weird effects?), and the Risen Mitten was the Thing in armour during that scene in the autopsy room.
  5. Did Martha really have to get aged to near-death? Really? (I'm almost tempted to write hella wanky meta about the production team's apparent fear of aging. Because there's a lot of places you could go with that.)
  6. The Faction Paradox mission with Tarot-reading Little Sister from the beginning could have been the best bit of the episode by miles, if they'd lit it darker, directed it better, given it spookier music, and hired a child actress who could do creepy.
  7. There was a whole sequence (from the girl dressed as an angel in the club -- oh, the subtlety of the symbolism -- feeling Owen up to the horrible, horrible vomiting) that seemed to be there entirely so it could get cut from the kiddie repeat. It's OK, Torchwood. We know you're not really "adult". You can stop now. Please.
  8. I'm desperately trying to think of something positive to say, but the best I can come up with is "Martha was in it". Which she was. Lovely Martha.

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