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I hardly ever make it to the cinema these days

Went to see Juno at the weekend, which IMO at least, lived up to the hype (surprising, given how much of it there was). It did an excellent job of making all the characters real, with lives beyond this particular story, and the dialogue really was that good (I am a sucker for that sort of hyper-realistic teen speak). I'm vaguely aware that there's all sorts of political debate around the film's handling of its Controversial Subject Matter, but I don't think I know enough about the American context to comment sensibly.

What I wasn't expecting was to see the cinematic trailer for Doctor Who S4. I've been trying to avoid spoilers -- I do my best not to click on any cuts with a spoiler tag, am avoiding the OG (which is good for my sanity levels anyway), etc. -- so I missed all the discussion about this when it first appeared, but it was fairly hard to ignore it in full screen cinema size. (Incidentally, it does look good like that, doesn't it? I've suddenly changed my mind and want a BBC-Wales-produced film.)

Overall, it made me feel Concerned about S4. Donna describing the Doctor in terms of having the right man and letting him go does not suggest to me that we're going to get a substantial change to the companion-worships-the-Doctor dynamic and OMG just argh (the only thing this is preferable to is "Donna is Over Thirty and thus asexual"; given that this is what a scary amount of fandom seems to be trying to sell I may yet become an absolutely batshit Ten/Donna fan in protest). I am trying to take comfort from the fact that all those "Two Worlds Collide" S3 promos were Ten/Martha-y as all get out, and we know where that ended up.

Apart from the shipping forecast, the nu-Sontarans look better in motion than they do in stills, though I do still think their return marks a fairly important turnover between bringing back the genuinely iconic baddies that the British-pop-culture gestalt remembers and bringing back the ones that '80s fandom thought counted because they had ZOMG more than one story. (I will forgive this tendency continuing if and only if it gets us Earth Reptiles Done Right in S5.) I did squee a bit when Martha got her big-dramatic-chord-slightly-turning-to-face-the-camera moment (while covered in goo, wtf?) and Rose did not excite nearly as much of a negative reaction as she might have done. So it might all turn out OK yet.
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