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The important part of "Thursday, February the 14th" is not the "February the 14th" part but the "Thursday", as this means yaynewcomics in the UK. Here is what I buyed:

Booster Gold #0 OMGOMGOMG. Booster and Blue Beetle are just so slashy and I love them and am quite possibly going to have to go and read their JLI stuff or something once I have more money because I had No Idea About Their Gargantuan Brilliant Love. We get all sorts of stuff about "my best friend" here, but that's clearly "best friend" spelt L-O-V-E-R. And there's a lame joke about "rear-ending" the Flash. Plus not only has the saving Ted's life thing not imploded horribly yet (well, OK, right at the very end, maybe), it's inspired Booster to try and fix other things in his life. And almost incidental to all of this, it's hilariously a crossover with an event from decades ago, which is pretty much shrugged off with an "eh, time travel".

Nova Annual This is actually "What If Annihilation: Conquest Reached Earth?" six months early and without the Watcher. It's all a big psycho-drama of Richard fighting the Phalanx virus Inside His Own Brane, flipping between flashbacks to his origin story and flashforwards to the final assault on the Phalanx after decades of war, where the only remaining enemy stronghold is ... duh duh duh ... Earth (where all the heroes we recognise have been turned into Phalanx Select and apparently not aged at all because of it, so we get a silly double page spread of people we know and allegedly love with silvery eyes -- including a Cap who looks to me like Steve Rogers). It's a bit like the last ep of ST:TNG, only you don't care quite as much. Wendell-Quasar's back in the fake future, though.

New Avengers #38 This is about as decompressed as decompressed can get. Luke and Jessica spend 3/4 of the comic having the exact same argument and it gets just a tiny bit dull. They're beautifully drawn doing it, though. Nothing has changed by the end except that some of the Mighty Avengers are more aware of the Skrull thing than they were, but unfortunately I don't care about the Mighty Avengers in the slightest 'cos they're a bunch of tools and Jessica's going to tell them all about it in a minute anyway. But the scene with Iron Fist finding the team a new place to stay is hilarious.

Green Lantern Corps #21 I'm really pleased with this because it's the first time in ages (or at least it feels that way) we've had one that hasn't featured at least one of the Sector 2814 Lanterns, and I always like it when we branch out from "oh the humanity". (Incidentally, Tomar Tu looks amazingly good in his scenes, really "realistic" even though that's daft for an alien with a beak and a big cranial crest.) Unfortunately, it's a tie-in to all the silly Alpha Lantern stuff happening over in GL, and I still don't care much about it. It does look we're going to see that they have more emotions than we thought, though, which may help.

I skipped ahead in Torchwood to The One With Martha In and don't feel particularly inclined to go back. (I will. But it's only completism, not a great burning need to know what's happened.)
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