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Ficlet: Liberation (Mickey/Jake, R)

Title: Liberation
Author: ionlylurkhere
Pairing: Mickey/Jake
Rating: R
Spoilers: Rise of the Cybermen, Age of Steel
Word Count: 500
Summary: Inevitable Mickey/Jake fic.

An alternative world, where everything's the same but a little but different.

Like Tony Blair never got elected. Turned out there wasn't even a Prime Minister. And the President was -- well, OK, had been -- a black dude! This universe might have its problems, but that would never have happened back where he came from.

Or your grandmother's still alive. Damn. He still hadn't fixed that carpet. Must do that before they left again.

Or your on-again-off-into-time-and-space-again girlfriend was never born.

Or your name starts with an R, not an M.

Or you're gay.

* * *

"I'm a different man, I'm not replacing him." He'd said it the first night they'd met, and he'd said it again the first night they'd made love.

Having liberated Paris, Paris had returned the favour. A few bottles of a very good wine commandeered from the cellars of a very good restaurant had loosened both their tongues. Mickey had admitted what he'd worked out a while ago -- that Rickey and Jake had been more than co-revolutionaries. And Jake had given into what he'd been trying to ignore -- that Mickey excited the same feelings in him that Rickey once had.

Then they'd graduated from loose tongues to warm, wet ones, clumsily probing one another's mouths, and firm hands pulling at and snaking under clothes and finally sweaty, hard bodies coupling urgently and heaving together and--

"I know you're not replacing him," Jake had said when it was all over. "Rickey was a much better lay than that, to start with."


"'S'all right -- you've got plenty of time to learn."

* * *

From Paris to Berlin, Helsinki to Madrid, the signal had been broadcast, the factories destroyed, the Cybermen defeated.

And now they were back in London in their faithful blue van: here to organise, co-ordinate, liaise, resupply. Europe was free, Asia, Africa, Australasia and North America well on their way. The worry was South America, where Lumic's secret projects had been carrying on for years. Reports emerging from the continent were disturbing -- Cybermen unaffected by the inhibitor override, carrying on implacably no matter what the authorities tried. The tiny minority who had been insane enough as humans not to find the overwhelming pain of their torture debilitating, regrouping, determined to carry on their mission to "upgrade" the world. So South America was where they would go.

"What're ya thinking?" Jake asked.

"About the ways this place is different to where I came from."


"Just different. Better in some ways." He smiled. "Lots of ways. Hey, what's Rio like here?"

"Oh, just you wait and see, lover ..."

The traffic lights turned, but Jake did nothing -- he'd been looking at Mickey, not the lights. "We can go now," Mickey said.

Jake grunted with annoyance as he shifted into gear. He was sensitive about his colour-blindness, the little ways it made his life more difficult.

"We'll work on getting them changed to blue after we've saved the world from the Cybermen, OK?"
Tags: doctor who, fic

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