Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

Ficlet: Do Not Weep

Title: Do Not Weep
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: G
Spoilers: Inspired by the latest eps, but not really spoilery for them.
Word Count: 200

Do not weep for the lonely god.

Do not weep for his people, the dead pantheon. For their most powerful were their most most decadent, their most beautiful their most ruthless, and their wisest their most corrupt.

Do not weep for the devils he defeated. For their war was one of conquest, not liberation -- in their hubris, they sought only to establish their own tyranny of heaven.

Do not weep for his steed, last of her kind, faithfully bearing him ever-onwards into danger, on to the next miracle he must perform. For the journey is her very existence.

Do not weep for his mortal acolytes, who must always leave before they are driven mad by his true face, but can never truly return to the life they had before. For at least they have been granted a glimpse of the transcendent.

Do not weep even for his victims, their lives swept up in the whirlwind that surrounds him, turned upside down in an instant and unceremoniously ended. For no god can perform his miracles without receiving sacrifices.

Weep rather for the desolate universe that lacks even such a god as this.
Tags: doctor who, fic

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