Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

Random thoughts on Torchwood

  • I feel horrible thinking this, but Barrowman's acting has got worse. And it wasn't exactly great to start with. It is like he has forgotten how after becoming "John Barrowman, star of Doctor Who and Torchwood" as seen on every light entertainment show ever.
  • Ianto was by far the best in that episode. I approve. (Tosh/Ianto -- because they're the only two decent ones.)
  • "Let's all have sex." Tosh did give him a "well, it's not the way I fantasise about it but what the hey" look. Stop it, Tosh! Look, lovely Ianto. Wait for Martha. ANYONE BUT OWEN.
  • So female Luke Cage's real memories are of stock footage atomic bombs. Isn't that yer basic Scientology Thetan stuff? Unexpected Xenu!
  • The whole "is she human or not?" business was handled in a slightly more nuanced way than I feared it would be about halfway through, but the other sleeper agents' basic likeability was established in such horrendously transparent ways. Train Guard Guy got a couple of lines to show us he doesn't take shit from those evil posh people, but after that it was "Paramedic Guy! Paramedics are good!" and "Look! She's got a cute ickle baby!"
  • This is obviously the arc, then. Could make for some good paranoia stuff but the problem is that Cardiff still don't know how to do arcs properly. Occasional mentions != building tension, k? "We just keep doing what we do" is a bit "We have all these scripts and it's too late to rewrite them".
  • Owen is still alive (and possibly deliberately stopping Gwen from getting home so as to mess up her relationship with her fiance out of jealousy that she dumped him). I thought they were giving the Internet what it wanted? WHERE'S OUR BEAR?

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