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Lots of slashy comics

Oh. My. God.

There are actually two WIs in this -- the first has Tony dying of Warren Ellis, which means that the Government side of the Civil War being EVEN WORSE OH NOES LOOK AN ENTIRE ARMY OF THOR CLONES, but never mind that; the second (by Christos Gage, who I seem to be having a complete 180 on lately) has him and Steve making up after that bit in the chemical factory that was really a setup and Tony persuading Steve that the Act can work if he administers it, because everyone trusts him. So they do, and everyone's happy (and basically it's The Initiative, without anyone having hated each other; they even have a tiny Dr Strange in the top left of the big double page spread of it, which frankly isn't as much fun as Brother Voodoo having taken over for him in WI Annihilation Reached Earth). It could seriously only be slashier if it actually included the make up sex that would inevitably be incredibly hot after such a big falling out. The last two pages of that story are just so sweet and OTPy. If I had a scanner I would totally be scanning them and putting them on scans_daily, because astonishingly it doesn't seem to have made it there yet. I never used to ship Iron Man/Cap but damn now I do.

Interestingly, the obligatory Watcher exposition comes in a frame story where the Watcher shrinks himself and comes to see Tony while he's moping at Steve's grave and tells him about the two WIs. I think we're supposed to think Tony can't tell it's him, but he has has glowy red eyes and a big baby head even at his smaller size and talks in that font. The thing is, the Watcher tells him the two WIs in that order. So in the middle Tony's all feeling a little bit better and vindicated that it would've been worse without him, so the Watcher goes and bursts his bubble by showing him how he could have had his OTP back if only he'd been a bit less of a git. At the end of which I felt sorry for Tony Stark for the first time since Civil War. And now I think the Watcher, who I kind of liked, is an even bigger git than Tony. (I think we're supposed to feel sorry for Uatu because unlike Tony, who can create ripples (in the Remembrance sugar cube sense), he can only watch. But this just makes it seem like he spends a lot of time perving on the alt reality where Tony and Steve got back together.)

This is fantastically win and is entirely about how much Booster loves Ted Kord ... and then he actually gets him back! It's all going to be complicated later, I'm sure, but it's just so yay! (I jumped into the DCU with Checkmate and backtracked to The OMAC Project and only then took a right turn into GL, so these guys are particularly YAY for me because I did fall in love with Ted instantly myself in the course of OMAC.)

This was surprisingly unslashy, despite having Angel and Spike in the same place at the same time and everything. I am finding this comic very confusing, I think it is something about the art, because stuff that is apparently completely obvious to everyone else keeps coming as news to me (like Gunn being a vamp). OTOH I did think that creature thingy in the end of #1 was maybe Angel's vamp side as per Pylea so the big revelation at the end of this one didn't come out of left field, though I had dismissed the theory again after #2 because it struck me as quite a big thing for the viewpoint character to be hiding.

And this, unfortunately, is where the slashiness turns sour, because it looks an awful lot like Heather Douglas, having already been turned into a dragon for no reason I could quite discern, has been Tara-ed and been bumped off to provide motivation for her more powerful lover to go on a rampage. (Tara was Tara-ed twice, of course, if you count the Glory brainsuck.) I really wish I hadn't called it right. On the plus side, Ronan and Peter were both fun, and Marvel space comics seem to have an even faster revolving door on the afterlife than Marvel in general (note how Super-Skrull is still kicking around after his noble sacrifice at the end of his mini during the first Annihilation event), so it's probably only temporary ... and it did look as though Heather's soul was wafting away or something, so I suspect she will get to confront the Moondragon or something and then get herself back to life.

Things I want: the whole of Deadpool's supporting cast to be Skrulls who've pointlessly infiltrated a book that was being cancelled anyway.
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