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Torchwood 2x1

So, after Voyage of the Damned was a magimix of all the worst elements of NuWho (I'm now convinced that "you need someone to stop you" from tRB was Rusty's subconscious trying to talk to him), what we got here was a magimix of everything Joss Whedon has ever written, basically. It really did feel from the moment Marsters appeared that they were writing him as Spike (and why why why make him do the voice? He has a perfectly good accent all of his own), but when we got to the paralysing lipgloss (which is a gimmick straight out of Our Mrs Reynolds) I realised that they'd just decided to overdose on Whedon in preparation. Which is never going to be a comparison they're going to come off well from.

Shippy wise, yay for the fanservicely oodles of canon slash. I am not entirely sure I like Ianto being portrayed as so jealous, and OMFG why is Tosh still after Owen?

Apart from that, it all seemed a bit too self-consciously apologetic for the failings of the last series, in particular very deliberately trying to set up the idea that they are a proper team ("together they're Torchwood" as the adverts put it), and recapitulating "standard" Torchwood inter-team confrontations but with friendlier resolutions. The problem was that in trying to make a joke of their past failings they just set you up to look for bad stuff. In particular, the bit at the end where Jack shrugs off Hart's "u can has backstory" comes off as wanting to be both emotional and a joke about Jack's withholding, but it's played too far over on the "laugh now" side of it.

On the plus side, I am actually quite pleased about that bit at the very end, because more about Jack's background would be very welcome (and the 5094 dating means we can finally stop having arguments about Jack and K9 being contemporaries). I am starting to wonder if the Time Agency is in fact nothing but a front organisation for conmen, since of the "seven of us left" two are Jack and John. Maybe if they do enough interesting stuff with that, I'll be properly hooked by the time Martha leaves.

And from the preview I am really starting to become concerned that Jim Robinson has secret plans for total TV domination.
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