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I'm going to be almost entirely offline from now until some time in the new year. Amongst other things, this means I won't get to see my Yuletide and Classic DW Ficathon fics straight away, so if the author of either of those is wondering why I haven't responded yet, it's because of that. But I am very much looking forward to reading both of them; thank you so much for all your efforts, lovely authors.

When I do get back, I'll probably be devoting most of my fannish time to my tardis_bigbang fic (I make it I need to write almost 2000 words a week to get it done, which is fine except for the part where they're all on the same project *headdesk*) so to be honest I probably won't be posting much even then. (I am still planning to do an EDA ficathon, but it'll probably be Spring/Summer rather than early in the new year. I need to decide whether to wait until S4 is out of the way or not.)

Anyway, feel free to use this post to link me to anything by yourself or anyone else that you think I'd be particularly interested in. (No Voyage of the Damned spoilers, though, please -- I'm going to be so far from civilisation that my enjoyment of that is going to have to wait just like the ficathons.)

Happy Holidays!

PS I know I don't burble about science stuff on here normally, but this is a very worthwhile e-petition thingy. Go read and sign if you agree.

PPS buffysquirrel, your IZs are on their way, though when they'll get to you I don't know what with the Christmas post. Sorry for being so lame at actually getting round to sending them.
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