Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

That first sentence of first post of every month meme

(last seen with tencrush)

March: So, I've been away for another huge while ...

That's from a flocked post, but I use it 'cos it's so very appropriate (yes, there's no Jan or Feb).

April: I really don't think I like that ending.

About Life on Mars. I'm over it now. A bit.

May: For various reasons Evolution of the Daleks in Manhattan made me want to rewatch Remembrance.

Everything makes me want to watch Seven stories, though, so that was just an excuse.


My pisstake of fandom's expectations of Utopia, which I'm secretly a bit proud of. And also it was trufax, as it turned out. Except not.

July: So, it's fair to say that I don't like the Bedingfields in general or Natasha in particular or the appalling twee girls!-your-entire-life-should-be-about-finding-a-man-and-having-babies-with-him-ness of her lyrics in specific.

I hate her in a way that I don't like to do to real people.

(August: lost to Civ IV)

September: I bought two whole new comics today, the day they came out (in the UK) and everything. (This is a new level of geekery an exciting new thing for me.)

OK, that's weird. I didn't realise how recent this habit was. Comics are my crack, srsly.

October: So the new Sugababes effort, "About You Now" is in the "I dumped you, but I've changed my mind, pls pls pls forgive me and take me back" subgenre.

I don't post about music that much, do I?

November: 1. Freema Agyeman. Obvs.

Wow, that works VERY well out of context. :D

December: So, I've finally caught up with LJ

And I've stayed caught up in the subsequent week, so yay.
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