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Lurky McLurklurk

A week of issue 2s, for some reason

It being Thursday, I bought comics. Cut for (in SG's case, major) spoilers.

Annihilation: Conquest #2 Felt rather like a setup issue but what's being set up seems quite promising. And the Star-Lord lot were actually in it this time, which was a bonus because they're just hilarious (and there was some very clever use of their powers along the way). I really hope Heather's not about to get killed to give Quasar extra motivation or something, or I will call Lesbians In Refrigerators.

House of M: Avengers #2 Cleverly done alt-Punisher, hee. And the Misty POV was lovely too, the most subtle writing I've seen yet from Gage.

Suburban Glamour #2 The sickeningly talented kenix knocks it out of the park again. If I end up buying myself a scanner it will be entirely for the purposes of spamming you with scans of his gorgeous, beautiful artwork. The two top highlights of this issue for me, art-wise, are Dave's pictogram-thought-bubble realisation that he doesn't have a phone 'cos the teacher's confiscated it, and the bit where each strand of Maeve's hair is its own individual flashback panel, each tinted a different colour. Plot-wise, this kicks into high gear with the revelations of What's Really Going On. Which I have to admit felt a little bit of a letdown, at very first. Astrid being a fairy princess seemed a bit too obvious somehow, a bit too pat in terms of explaining both her character and events, but I'm confident (given both my faith in McKelvie and Astrid's "you expect me to want to stay?" reaction) that we're going to see her making her own destiny as a humaniform TARDIS rather than simply accepting any of the various ones on offer (and there is, come to think of it -- and it's the fact that thoughts like this only come into focus when you write stuff down that makes me write these posts -- a strong theme of the choices teens are faced with about the future going on: the careers advisor stuff in this issue, the discussions at the party in #1 ...). The fact that Maeve is on the scene earlier than Morgana expected (unless Morgana thought it was Titania, 'm not sure what was going on there) suggests that there's going to be more twists to come too.

Has GL #25 been delayed, or something? Or had it already sold out by the time I got there? I needs my Sinestro Corps War fix, dammit.
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