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(Hello! I am not dead. But I have not been writing either. The following is intended to kickstart me.)

SO, there is this "28 flavours of [character]" meme going around (that apparently got started by trianne, I stole my list from juleskicks's Buffy version). It cannot be a coincidence that there are also 28 TV series companions so far (according to the obvious, correct rules of who does and doesn't count).

All right, it can be a coincidence, but it is TOO GOOD a coincidence to ignore. (It is so good in fact that I have a feeling that someone else has already noticed it and I am reinventing the wheel, but never mind.)

Flavours (somewhat de-Americanised):

1. Naughty
2. Happy
3. Sly
4. Angsty
5. On-VacationHoliday
6. Horny
7. Changing-In-the-TARDIS-Wardrobe
8. Excited
9. Book-Reading
10. Dancing
11. Jealous
12. Turned-On
13. Caring
14. On-His/Her-Knees
15. Obedient
16. Losing-His/Her-Viginity
17. Naive
18. Eating-Lunch-And-Drinking-From-A-Soda-Bottle
19. Greedy
20. Daring
21. Exploring
22. Swimming-In-The-BuffNude
23. Bath-Time
24. Disheveled
25. Exhausted
26. Well-Shagged
27. Kick-Ass
28. Pregnant


A. Susan
B. Ian
C. Barbara
D. Vicki
E. Steven
F. Katarina
G. Sara K
H. Dodo
I. Ben
J. Polly
K. Jamie
L. Victoria
M. Zoe
N. Liz
O. Jo
Q. Harry
R. Leela
S. Romana
T. Adric
U. Nyssa
V. Tegan
W. Turlough
X. Peri
Y. Mel
Z. Ace
AA. Rose
BB. Cap'n Jack

(so, eg, 28K = "Pregnant Jamie" [mpreg by magic futuretech, we assume])

How it works: choose some combination in the comments and I write 100-300 words. (Probably I write exactly 100 words because I like the discipline of doing drabbles, yes.) Once a number or letter has been chosen it cannot be chosen again. Because. ETA: Oh yeah, and optionally you can specify a pairing to go along with the flavour/character combination.
Tags: doctor who, fic, writing fic

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