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Inevitable post in response to THAT spoiler

Sorry to spam your flist (especially the three of you who aren't into Who; and sorry to who_daily too) ...

Y'know, I'm sure RTD can do this well, but in the spirit of the pre-emptive squee-harshing that saw me safe through S3, I'm not going to assume that he will. Two things in particular concern me:

  1. The source quoted in the Mirror talking about the companions "competing" and the Doctor being "spoilt for choice", which suggests that we're going to get continued canon companion hierarchy. We need to move on from the Gay Agenda to a Poly Agenda. He doesn't have to choose. He loves them all, to coin a phrase.
  2. I really really really hope this isn't going to be done in such a way as to imply Two Entire Universes < Doctor/Rose OTP. And if we are going to get a technobabble-y get-out-of-destroying-reality-free card, it'd better be a damned good one. My criteria being that it fits with either something incredibly funky from RL science or, preferably, some forgotten '60s-era Who technobabble (Pertwee might just be acceptable, since he had Inferno and that magic thing in The Time Monster) and has internal consistency in how its applied within the story.

Anyway, there we go. It'll be fine. They've just advertised both Spooks tonight and Heroes tomorrow after It Takes Two, so it's not like telly is letting me down for awesome funstuffs atm.
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