Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

If they hadn't called it a comedy drama, I wouldn't have expected it to be funny

Oh dear. I mean, it wasn't actively bad, or anything. Indeed if I dissected it I'm sure I'd find more good than bad on balance. But it failed on the comedy side for me because it just didn't have much in the way of really funny funny bits, and those it did it undercut with the seriousness of all the "drama" elements; the Ian/Bev fight in particularly was a bit too near the knuckle for me to be able to enjoy the light-hearted stuff around it. And the other learners were too self-consciously wacky to fit with the more "real" stuff. I liked Fiona best 'cos she was a good mishmash of traits and such like you actually get in real life, unlike just about everyone else. It was all very well done, in a sort of slightly-pointless-feeling way. Good acting on the whole, even from the kids. And Tennant was adorable, wasn't he?

In other news, I am in one of my "think of good ideas for fanvids and then look to see if they've already been done because I have no vid skillz" moods. Usually any idea I have has already been done far earlier than I would have thought. But YouTube search is bringing up no hits for "doctor master charlotte church". Surely that "Call My Name" song is crying out for it? I like Charlotte Church as disposable pop goes. Yes I have no shame.

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