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I'm very conscious that the executive summary of my LJ is "Doctor Who has owned me mind, body and soul since early chidlhood, and did I mention I also like comics", which isn't very helpful for whichever poor kind soul out there gets me as their assignment, so here are some vague thoughts on what I like and don't like for their benefit. On the other hand, I'm also very conscious that some people might not want to know too much, so feel free to ignore this post entirely, Yuletide Author, if that's how you like to roll.

  1. A thousand thousand thank yous for writing a fic for me. I really appreciate it. Anything in any of those fandoms would be lovely to receive; feel free to ignore my specific character requests for the ones where I've made them, and the "details" are of course just suggestions, as per the rules (I'm slightly surprised looking back over my signup that I didn't caveat them much more with lots of "Maybe this?" type language; I usually do that sort of thing).
  2. I like all sorts of fic: humour, angst, smut, whatever. My very favourite ones tend to be things that poke around in the weird little corners of a canon and use the strange stuff found their to illuminate other issues.
  3. See point 1.
  4. I have two squicks: incest and RPF, though in the latter case there are occasional exceptions. And I can't really see how you could work either of those into any of my requests, anyway, so I think we're safe.
  5. See point 1.
  6. Some short, incoherent, non-comprehensive lists of things I find squeeworthy in each of the fandoms I requested:
    • Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.: mad technology; resisting derangement, dismemberment and death by sheer willpower; utterly OTT "manliness" as can only be written by geeks; Steranko's art; mad conspiracies and over-elaborate plots
    • Gallifrey-the-audio-series-not-the-defunct-planet: the four-dimensional stuff (from the political intrigues based on it to Brax's secret to everything else), the K9s being all snippy with each other, Leela making her way on Gallifrey despite how alien it is to her, Brax's expertise as a political operator
    • Quantum Leap: The huge overwhelming tragedy of the whole entire thing (whether you believe in Sam/Al or not; QL is probably my favourite fandom for angst), the fact that it's a go-anywhere-do-anything format yet defaults to remaking cheesy movies, the entertaining way my brain breaks when I ignore Belisario's advice and think about it too closely
    • Sapphire and Steel: The spookiness of the whole thing, from the opening narration on out; the fact they aren't even elements; the sheer weirdness of the performances; the way the plots are like treacle and it's really about just getting your mind into a completely other way of thinking by exposure to High Weirdness

  7. Just in case you hadn't realised, point 1 is very much the key point of this post. So go look at it again. ;)

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