December 13th, 2009

Book of the Still

More Questions

It's that Resistance is Futile questions meme again, this time with questions courtesy of peeeeeeet. You can ask for questions here or on the previous post of it I did.

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Speaking of things I might regret, it turns I am going to have four weeks in the second half of February/first half of March much more available for fannishness than I usually do, and I can't help but notice that if tardis_bigbang runs again I could sign up and write my first draft in that time in a mega-efficient and organised way, rather than leaving it to the last minute like I did this time, subjecting my long-suffering betas to much long suffering. 'Cos I've just proved to myself that I can just about write 20k words in a month with 666words so hrm. My main problem is not having a clear idea what I'd want to write about -- I do have a few ideas for longer fic percolating in the back of my brain, but they're all ones that I've discarded for one reason or another. (They're mostly variations on "New School Character X goes to Stockbridge; X/Izzy ensues", for some reason. I suppose I could attempt epic Izzy/Destrii; my main problem with being able to write that is that there's a lot to unpick in terms of making it work sensibly and I normally give up when it gets too complicated to fit in a short fic.) Has anyone got any suggestions for what I should write?