May 18th, 2009

Book of the Still

The SCC news

Idiots. But then it's Fox, so we kind of knew that already. Still, at least I have S1 to go back and watch for the first time for me. Will probably wait for the combo DVD box set in September.

I am torn between wanting the writers to write a big long "here is what was coming next, you guys" thing like that Andromeda guy did with his alt-finale or whatever it was, or being allowed to speculate madly forevermore. Probably they were making it all up as they went along and didn't have anything planned out at this stage, so the former option isn't really available anyway. I do feel kinda tempted to write the most out-there "how I would end it" fic possible that still manages to fit the themes and such. I had a plot for one, but I discarded it when I realised that it was just all the stuff that got into my brain at an early age (specifically Who and Hitchhikers) trying to write itself all over another universe entirely. I might still do it all the same, I dunno.