May 12th, 2009

Book of the Still

"no fate but what we make for ourselves"

I got around to watching the last episode of S2 of Terminator over the weekend. (It was my reward I gave myself for slogging through the first half of my giant pile of tedious work.)

Short version: OMG, I cannot believe there is even the slightest risk of this show being cancelled. It's so awesome. I really haven't had this experience of being this invested in a US show at the same time as its fate is genuinely in the balance before. The feeling of powerlessness isn't much fun, actually.

The long version under the cut has spoilers for pretty much everything Terminator-ish ever, including SCC 2x22; it is mostly about time travel and a bit about Obvious Religious Imagery, because those are what I'm qualified to talk about as a Doctor Who fan.

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So in conclusion: I basically have no bloody clue what they're going to do next. And I want to know. So pls don't cancel this show, Fox? Kthxbai.