May 8th, 2009

mini romana will be superb

Gallifrey audio question

Which of the Temporal Powers in the Gallifrey audios are the creepy ones who use other people's bodies? I have a feeling it's the Monans? Sorry for asking such an inane question, but my CDs are all boxed up at the moment and the usual online references don't go into enough depth about them (that I've seen) for me to be sure.
Book of the Still

Fic ficcy fic

I haven't been completely obsessed with tardis_bigbang lately, I've also managed to produce something for lgbtfest too. It is 3000 words on the prompt "Romana and Ace after the Time War" and can be found here.

It is quite Gallifrey-audio-orientated. Is there a comm for those I ought to be posting it to, but am clueless of/joined and forgot I ever had?