April 8th, 2009

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Femslashy comics

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The lettercol of Buffy #24, about the Satsu thing? NOT ENOUGH STABBITY IN THE WORLD. Who knew Buffy fandom of all places was so full of homophobia? (Why yes, I am repressing my memories of lurking atbvs, thank you.) And the people who claim there was no buildup clearly weren't paying the slightest bit of attention. LOLS at them printing the disappointed Buffy/Xander shipper at the end, though. (Incidentally, my rewatch has reached early S2 -- oh, evil Spike, you are rather great, as are you, Xander/Cordy UST -- and I suddenly realised that Some Assembly Required, which I had always thought of as decent but disposable filler, contains why I fell in love with the show in miniature. There's a scene there where Buffy, Willow and Xander discuss unrequited love and the history of their little triangle is all wonderfully there in the acting and OH. With my susceptibility to stories about crushes I was always going to go for them, especially as none of it stops them caring about each other or doing the right thing given the whole saving-the-world malarkey [with a few eminently believable exceptions]. Anyway, I still love Buffy, is the point, and Buffy/Satsu goes straight to the heart of what I love most about it.)

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Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery

You might be able to tell that as well as The Internet, I have spent today catching up on comics. I can't find anyone talking about this in the places I might have expected to on LJ, but maybe I'm just being faily at looking. I'm pleased, though, because IDW have finally got done something right with the Who franchise! Hurrah!

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But anyway, good stuff, yes. I hope the other five IDW one-shots are of a similar standard.
Book of the Still

A quick request

Apparently the end of American Life on Mars is drastically different somehow to the British version? Only I cannot find anyone actually saying what it was in ways I can understand. I would quite like to know, but I basically have no intention of ever watching it. Can anyone take two seconds to explain it to a bear of very little brain such as myself? Thx.

(With luck, there will be spoilers in the comments.)