April 4th, 2009

Liz Shaw

Teaspoon meme

Gakked from lizbee and astrogirl2. (Incidentally, I very much approve of this meme, as I have felt for a while that Who fandom is needlessly, even counterproductively, cagey about Teaspoon stats.)

Open up your "Manage Stories" page on Teaspoon and unfold all the chapters. For the purposes of this meme, disregard first chapters of multichapter fics. [Teaspoon counts any hits on the TOC as a hit on the first chapter.]

Collapse )

I need to get a this-is-me-being-nerdy-and-obsessing-over-stats icon, I think.

Anyway, my internets are almost inevitably about to switch themselves off; I'm already on borrowed time, the phone line has died on schedule but weirdly the broadband still works. I will see you all from another house. (*hugs* to all who feel the need for them.)

Irrelevant ETA: Is it something like a sign of the downturn that there seems to be a lot more spam nowadays trying to sell me email address lists so I can be a spammer myself? Hopefully they will all eat each other to death.