March 21st, 2009

chameleon watch

Oh, fandom

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Also, I don't think Who's going to win a Hugo this year. The general consensus seems to be that Turn Left is a mediocre dystopic AU with far too much racefail (which I wouldn't disagree with objectively, but I have NO quality standards when it comes to dystopic AUs, so I love those elements of it anyway -- q.v. the way every future the X-Men ever visit is a variant on Days of Future Past and I love it every time; the racefail is hideous, though). The S4 Moffat eps aren't as good as his previous winners, and meanwhile BSG and Lost are both in their final seasons which might gee up their fanbases and everybody seems to have loved Dr Horrible, apart from the people who didn't. It is an open field, it seems to me.