March 18th, 2009


My other fandoms, let me show you them

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Er, anyway, I am probably going to go a bit quiet for a bit (ETA: I am going to finish that DW S1 rewatch eventually, though; I have just checked and the last one was in January, which is a bit awful) as new job is starting next week, and then house moving is happening (to Very Exciting Dream House, though I am a bit concerned that I have turned into the sort of evil capitalist that does well out of the downturn), and I will need all my spare time for all this fic I have signally failed to write during my time off. I may even give up on keeping on my flist at some point, so if there's something you desperately want me to see, you could link it in the comments of this post maybe (as I will still be checking email).

I have decided to try rereading The Forgotten all in one go in case it is better that way. I am not hopeful, though. If you hear breaking sounds it is probably me throwing things around at the point where Five talks about the "sixteenth innings" or whatever it was. (Britpicking: not optional, even for pros.)
Book of the Still

Oh feck

Being Human ep 4 just expired from my iPlayer before I got a chance to watch it. Can someone quickly fill me in on what happened? (I am v annoyed about this as the ending of ep 3 completely blew me away. But I am rubbish at catching up with things; I missed Lost Boy part 2 on CBBC this morning as well.)