February 10th, 2009

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Infrequently asked questions

Here are my answers to the questions I got asked in that meme:

Do you sometimes feel that there's an awful lot of shippy fic (in general) that could be "Any Two, Three or However Many Characters of Either Gender" - that the cliche takes over from the characterization?

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Do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to fanfic?

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What was wrong with Forgotten? Is it the one that has Handy as a villain? And there was a panel showing all the Doctors that the writer thought was the best Who illustration ever? (from peeeeeeet, following on from my whining about Tony Lee in the questions post)

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And this last one has an answer short enough that I don't feel the need to cut it, though it will make precious little sense to anyone except me and the questioner:

Do you still want that copy of Years of Rice & Salt?

Oh good god, I'd completely forgotten about that! Nah, don't worry. Looking at what have become my to-read bookcases, I don't think I'd ever get round to reading it properly. I skimmed enough of it to get the gist and the more I play Civ IV (where they have a "religion" system that is as open to vehement argument about how well it models the way history really works as everything else in the game) the more I realise I can do my own alt-hists along the same lines rather more enjoyably than trudging through KSR's infodumps.