January 19th, 2009

Book of the Still


So I cancelled my SFX subscription, but I get one last magazine out of it anyway or something.

And it came, and as if they wanted to prove that I had done the right thing, they gave Demons 4.5 stars out of 5, and rounded off by saying "Still, as debuts go this is certainly better than Who opener 'Rose', and that didn't turn out too badly, did it?" (And you know, it's not like I think Rose is unambiguously wonderful, but ...)

They're just deliberately taking the piss now, aren't they?
Book of the Still

tonight we're going to party like it's 1995

  1. I finished the little Bridget Jones book, which is cheating to include on my list 'cos it's only 120 pages and very little pages at that, but I don't care. I had forgotten quite how much of an influence the columns had on me in my formative years, which is all a bit scary in retrospect. Daniel got explicitly compared to Hugh Grant before it was done, which was lols, and it ends with Bridget falling for a "young whippersnapper" at her new job called Matt, so you can probably imagine how he looks in my head. As far as I can tell it leads right up to the point where the first novel picks up, and I don't remember Matt from there at all, so I can only conclude he was edited out or something because I can't imagine that plotline having been dumped so unceremoniously in the original. I had forgotten how much social commentary there was in there. And also that Shazzer is the best of them.
  2. I am glad Ken Clarke is back. I know he is basically a drug pusher what with his work for BAT, but he is the sort of Tory I feel like I can have Sincere Disagreements with, rather than worrying is scheming away trying to destroy everything good and pure in the world, which is the sense I get from Cameron and Osborne despite their scary attempts to persuade us otherwise. Plus the disinterring of Europe as a debate topic is hilarious, because it's so obvious no one cares any more.
  3. Now if only I had my Babylon 5 tapes to hand I could recreate the feeling of being in the mid-90s perfectly.