January 14th, 2009

Book of the Still

OMG, I had completely forgotten ...

... that Siobhan Redmond was in The High Life. That was a nice unexpected surprise. (BBC4 are repeating it, starting last night - I taped it and now I'm watching it.)

I'm going to have to ask for Between the Lines on DVD for my birthday this year, I think.
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S1 Rewatch: Aliens of London/World War Three

Back after a rather arbitrary Christmas break, my long-winded pontification on New Who S1:

Collapse )

Actually, reading this back to check I haven't left gaping holes in any of the sentences (though I probably have anyway) I'm realising that even when Nine is being Doctorish I respond to those moments on a fairly intellectual level rather than in the squeeful sort of way I do most other Doctors. Maybe I just don't have fannish chemistry with him or something. :(

Dalek next, though, that should be good. :D