November 2nd, 2008

ten/martha mini otp

Things related to anonymous memes

This is (or will be, assuming it gets validated) a Teaspooned version of a fic about Ten and Martha having wibbly wobbly time sex what I wrote for sizeofthatthing the other day. (Ten/Martha is by far my most actively shipped ship, but there are several that I feel more strongly about. It's a bit of a paradox.)

And this is my thread at that anon feedback meme thing (I am not going to do the giant text, sorry). I do feel like there's a general Cult of Nice vibe in fandom that prevents proper concrit outside of the beta-reading dynamic, and to be honest there are a lot of bad or at least very lazy things about my writing, so go on, be mean constructively critical mean.

who_anon implied I was Cult of Nice the other day. This has been preying on my mind.