October 18th, 2008

my doctor is seven

A new low: a post about the dream I had last night

There was a story in DW S5 that was a prequel to Ghost Light set in prehistoric times with Nimrod and Light in it and it turned out that Nimrod knew Ten before he knew Seven and so on. It slipped around in that weird dreamlike way: first I was watching it, then I was in the story as like I dunno the pseudocompanion or something (but still aware that it was a story), then I was a VIP set vistor somehow (but I didn't know Light was going to appear and got very excited when he did and they had to stop filming), then I was acting in it and the dream ended with me doing pretend-falling-unconscious.

Mostly I am writing this down so that I don't convince myself in six months' time that I read it as a spoiler somewhere and get all excited.

And I still have no Ghost Light icons, which is ridiculous.