October 9th, 2008

bonekickers is bonkers

I went shopping

So here are three DVD things I bought today in a bit of a splurge I couldn't actually justify:

  • Bonekickers complete series one (£30, 344 mins, 8.72p/entertainment minute)
  • BSG S4 (£27.99, 518 mins, 5.40p/entertainment minute)
  • Peep Show complete S1-5 box set (£25, 742 mins, 3.37p/entertainment minute)

Mathematically, it would seem that a minute of Bonekickers is only 0.5% less good than a minute of Peep Show and a minute of Battlestar Galactica put together. I find this unlikely.

OR IN OTHER WORDS: WHY DO I LET THAT SHITTY SHOW GET AWAY WITH BEING SO SHITTY AND BAD VALUE FOR MONEY? I really hope it doesn't get renewed because it does well on DVD, or something. I may have to write a letter to the BBC pointing out that I only bought it for the lols.

Also, it is a bit daft of me to buy BSG S4 when I have never got round to watching S3 yet, and by the time I do manage to do that S4 will have dropped in price massively. I am horrendously excited about Peep Show though as I am very bad at keeping up with C4 late night comedy stuff these days.

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garth marenghi and dean learner list som

I am spammy tonight

Not just here, but at the Teaspoon. With pornography. (Sorry, whoever's been modding tonight!)

Excessive which is a cracktastic pinch hit for dw_femslash (here's the LJ version, if you're more LJ- than 'spoon-oriented); I am well pleased with all the references

Teacher's Pet which is Ten/Martha teacher/student which I wrote for the kink meme and am now copping to publicly (original version here)

C-and-P-ing those links has made me realise the story IDs are only 3 apart; and to think, once upon a time I had a little rule I'd made up for myself of not posting more than one fic per 24 hours.

(ETA: Heh. At the current rate of progress, Teacher's Pet will have had more reads on the 'spoon in four hours than the last transplant from the kink meme [which was Ian/Barbara] has had in four months.)