October 4th, 2008

ditko, dormammu vs eternity

I had never seen this before ,,,

... though probably it's old news to everyone who might care.

It's Alan Moore's notes for a big DC crossover event that never happened some short time after Watchmen which ties everything up by showing a big future for the whole universe.

I really like the time paradox and John Constantine bits, and the resolution to the initial mystery/big twist is clever, and the things that are no longer big parts of the DCU that he feels the need to tie in are quite interesting from an historical point of view, but the actual future world turns out to be that rare thing, a dystopic what if I don't like. And I discover that despite my Marvel Zombie-ism I do think the core DC characters ought to be shinier and less sordid than that, even in a dystopic WI.

(And no, I don't ever plan to read Kingdom Come.)