September 25th, 2008

Liz Shaw

Fic: Imbalanced Indiscretions (R, Three/Rani, Jo/Liz)

Title: Imbalanced Indiscretions
Author: ionlylurkhere
Pairings/Characters: Three/Rani, Jo/Liz, Brig (a little bit of implied Three/Brig)
Rating: R
Warnings: drug-related dubcon, people get tied up.
Word count: 5000
Summary: The UNIT family vs the Rani and her neurochemical expertise. (Oh, for crying out loud, it's porny crack. Or cracky porn. Something like that.)
Notes: Written for pimpmytardis in the Fall Fandom Free For All, and also a contribution to Day O'Classic. Huge thanks to biichan and peeeeeeet for beta-ing.

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