July 31st, 2008

bonekickers is bonkers

oh dear

I have hit a new low.

A low so low that I will inevitably die down here and my fossilised skeleton will never be found, even if there's a team of archaeologists being encouraged to DIG by the sword-bothering Dr Gillian Magwilde.

As I have moaned at several of you before, I don't really have properly-broad broadband. So the iPlayer, along with other less-legal things, represents a bit of a non-starter for me -- it takes a day to download an hour long proggy, basically. And yet, this is what's on my desktop right now ...

(I told you my download speeds were slow.)

Frustratingly, I have had to resort to this after what I thought was a very good brainwave (that I could use my T-Mobile wireless roaming account to go online at Starbucks and get it at a reasonable speed) turned out to be rubbish because of something I should have realised (that the T-Mobile servers live in Germany and so the iPlayer wouldn't believe I was sat in a Starbucks in Britain). Still, I got a nicer lunch than I'd have made for myself at home out of it.

The thing is, I missed 'kickers (oh god, I hope I haven't just invented a new name) on Tuesday and I have discovered that I actually do really want to see it. I would like to pretend that it's because I want to participate in the lovely, mockity mockity mock fandom but given that the fandom thrives on not actually watching the show properly this would be a lie. I have to accept that deep down I really want to know how Gillian ended up with an Etruscan spear that she was not afraid to use. And now from what I have seen while trying to avoid spoilers there may in fact be motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane. And I hate snakes, but the potential for lols inherent in them being on Bonekickers makes me even more curious.

I have had an idea for a batshit meta-not-very-well-disguised-as-fic thing, though. So it's not all bad.