July 25th, 2008

a great bear winner is me

Trends in spam

Most of the spam I am seeing at the moment seems to have (untrue) inflammatory politcal content for a subject line (e.g. "Bush detains Obama under terrorism legislation!", "China bans black athletes from Olympics!").

I would like to think this is, in its own twisted way, saying encouraging things about levels of political engagement in our supposedly apathetic times, but I suspect it's just that the filters have got too good at noticing that that's not really a picture of Anna Kournikova in the attachments.

Burn Up

So, Burn Up finished on BBC2 this evening. It is a Big International Coproduction Srs Drama Miniseries (3 hours split into two chunks for UK consumption) about global warming and peak oil and "OMG everyone the end of the world is coming! TV says so so it must be true!" and exactly how big was this production's carbon footprint? (There were lots of helicopters, is the main reason I thought of this.)

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Anyway, if you haven't seen this and you get the chance it's a passable way to spend three hours but overall it is one of those annoying things that preaches at you in such a way as to put you off even while you are agreeing with it.