July 15th, 2008

one/cameca chocolate-mediated mini-otp


I have had one of those days that is full of annoying little things, and really all of them were my fault in the end, so I can't get rage up except at myself which is fairly counterproductive in the end.

So instead, here is a list of things to cheer me up:

  1. I just seened a trailer for Burn Up. The Spooks people! Making a global warming Aesop! With Adam from Spooks! And Elton! And Josh from the West Wing OMHFG! (And Neve Campbell, completely unbelievably!) How did I not know about this before?
  2. bluesuit_fic, yay for the encouragement of the anon meme.
  3. I have the next couple of days off! I am planning to play a lot of KotOR II and watch some old school pissmidgets.
  4. Speaking of old school pissmidgets, following the advice of the wisdom of crowds over here, I done ordered The Chase. (I did go for Invasion of the Dinos first, out of trying not to let me anti-Three prejudice blind me [is it one of those ones that only has a bad reputation because of certainelementsoffandom's inability to see past bad SFX], but the only one I could find on ebay was insanely expensive. I put in a £20 bid and was still insta-outbid! That's when I gave up and went for Ian and Babs instead. So I have at least done a favour to the seller.) VERY SOON I WILL HAVE COMEDY DALEKS AND PANDAS AND IAN AND BARBARA'S SAD-YET-WONDERFUL DEPARTURE.
  5. In fact, I might go and play some KotOR II now.
  6. ETA: Or I might see if Bonekickers is as hilariously bad as tencrush says.