July 11th, 2008


Important Poll

So, I have this thing where I deliberately stopped watching old school before I completely ran out of stuff I'd never seen before, so I could always have more to look forward to.

But it's been a couple of years since I made that decision, so I think I'm probably due to watch one. (ETA: Actually, I'm ignoring the ones that the DVD release schedule has made the decision for me on, because what that category consists of is Time Flight and Warriors of the Deep.) But which should it be?

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Last post for tonight, I promise

Fillums meme gakked from padawanpooh:

This is IMDb’s top 25 all-time box office hits. Bold the ones you saw in the cinema, italicize the ones you saw some other way instead, and leave the unseen ones alone.

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It's completely biased by inflation and shit (at least I assume so, it'd be depressing if this is all adjusted to current prices), which is why we've seen more of them than we think.