July 6th, 2008

sontaran spexiness

Wait wait you guys I have MOAR OPINIONS (and apparently I have turned into T Rex from qwantz.com)

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I'm going to go and read comics with Shayde in them now so that I can write that overdue fic. Have I mentioned how much I love Shayde's intro? He gets all this build up about how dangerous he is and how he can get on board the TARDIS undetected and his last appearance in his first strip ends with standing impassively in the console room with the caption "... and he is waiting for the Doctor!" (you can practically hear the orchestral DUH-DUH-DUH sting)

And then next strip the Doctor turns up and Shayde's all "O HAI, I R SUPER HELPFUL MATRIX CONSTRUCT DUDE SENT BY RASSILON TO HELP U. CUP OV TEA y/n?"