June 18th, 2008

perivale 600 million rest of the univers, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace

As if there weren't enough reasons to love David Mitchell already ...

... he turns out to be dead good at Maths. (That's from the Guardian's G2 section's typically slanted response to the not exactly surprising news that most primary school teachers aren't that good at Maths, in which they get their correspondent Lucy Mangan, whose columns I've always liked, to have a go at some tests to see whether they really are that difficult. It's a much more measured response than the one in the Indie the other day, which kept going on about "Maths teachers not knowing Maths", as though these were subject specialists rather than primary school generalists.)

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Ooh, my default icon is particularly appropriate today 'cos it has numbers on is Ace with that flip flop logic machine thing.

In other news: I had completely forgotten I had ordered a dead-tree copy of Campaign until I got home today to find it waiting on my doormat. YAAAAAY! I can has batshit insane rejected Who novel. With 60% as much material again in author's notes and such. I am v happy now.

There's a lot of links in this post, aren't there? I ought to be careful in case it turns into some sort of weblog thing.