June 6th, 2008

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Many, many things making me happy right now.

Firstly, a fic rec from sizeofthatthing: someone wrote my Fitz/Trix dressy-up-sex prompt and made it amazing.

Last night when doing my comics shopping I stumbled across the latest collection of Six strips from DWM, The World Shapers, which for some reason I was convinced wasn't going to be out for aaaages. So now I have MOAR FROBISHER to look forward to, as well as very-early-Grant-Morrison-does-the-Time-Lords. And also, there was Suburban Glamour by jamiemckelvie in trade. You may remember I think SG is the bestest thing ever ever ever and you all should read it. (It's about a teenage girl in a sleepy English town who discovers that her life really is stranger than she thought, but, y'know, in an absolutely brilliant way.) The trade is very attractively priced (I picked it up for £6.50) so you should buy it, but just to show you all how sincere I am about that you-all-should-read-it bit, I am quite happy to give it away ('cos I already have the individual issues) to anyone who wants it. Comment here to say so. If more than one of you wants it I'll flip some coins or something.

And this week's comics (well, and last week's, I didn't get to my LCS last week) also turn out to be awesome! I shall do these in bullet points with cuts. And then I might do some numbered questions, in remembrance of Deadpool. No, not really, that would just be too nerdy.

And I haven't even had time to read Nova-fights-the-Silver-Surfer or Blue-Beetle-goes-on-a-date-with-Traci-in-Hell yet. But I am sure they will be bringing me much joy too. All in all, I am very happy right now.